9 JUNE 2017

Transparent data key to improving fuel efficiency in HDVs

European Aluminium welcomes the European Commission's proposal on “Monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions from and fuel consumption of new heavy-duty vehicles”.

By February 2020, truck makers should be required to report the CO2 emissions of all new trucks sold in Europe during the previous year, according to the mobility package released by the European Commission last week. The CO2 emissions will be assessed with a new test procedure known as VECTO. This tool, which was endorsed by EU member states and the European Commission last month, is designed to make figures for the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from new heavy-goods vehicles available for truck buyers.

European Aluminium has been a part of the editing board responsible for developing this new method and acknowledges that the benefit of lightweighting will be clearly taken into account in the procedure.

Gerd Götz, Director General of European Aluminium said:

“Our industry welcomes the proposal from the European Commission on monitoring and reporting this data. Transparency of this data will help truck buyers to select the most efficient vehicle for their specific needs. Making the data easily available is an important step towards improving fuel efficiency.”