Virtual cross-fertilisation workshop

Driving sustainable aluminium: recycling and critical raw materials for aluminium alloys in e-mobility, 8-9 November 2022

On 8 and 9 November, European Aluminium will hold the first online event related to the SALEMA project: 'Driving sustainable aluminium: recycling and critical raw materials for aluminium alloys in e-mobility'.

The SALEMA project aims to produce novel aluminium alloys. One objective thereby is to minimise the primary sourcing of critical raw materials (CRMs) like silicon and magnesium, and instead maximise the sourcing of CRMs from scrap metal recycling. The suitability and performance of these new aluminium alloys will be demonstrated through four pilot actions and five demonstrators. The integration of scrap metal recycling is essential to create a sustainable circular economy, serving as a reliable source for high-quality alloys.

This first workshop aims to address the challenges and opportunities of CRM reduction for aluminium alloys in e-vehicles.  As detailed in the program on the following pages, these aspects will be addressed from policy (Session 1), market (Session 2), and technological (Sessions 3 & 4) perspectives. Additionally, synergies with other EU projects will be analysed in Session 4.

A Q&A exchange will follow the sessions in combination with networking opportunities during the coffee breaks, where participants will be invited to engage in discussion with the speakers and each other in a user-friendly virtual area.

The event targets EU policy specialists, academic and industrial experts, and key players in the sector of aluminium in e-vehicles.

The workshop is free of charge, the registration form and complete programme will be available soon!