25 MAY 2017

On the way to 2025: our 2015 Sustainability Highlights

In 2015, the European aluminium industry launched its Sustainability Roadmap to 2025, setting a clear vision of how our industry intends to reach its goal of becoming a key enabler of Europe’s transition to a genuinely sustainable and circular economy.




This Roadmap was developed voluntarily by the industry, which has long demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. This is our way of publicly tracking our progress.

Taking 2012 as the benchmark and using data collected from our members, we are now able to compare this baseline against the latest available figures and to quantify progress to date in our 2015 Sustainability Highlights.  

These Highlights focus on four specific areas: key industry trends; our commitment to environmentally responsible production methods; our socio-economic contribution to a sustainable society and the role aluminium plays in making sustainable lifestyles a reality.

Clear trends

The highlights cover our progress in detail, however there are clear trends running through all areas.

Aluminium production has increased steadily since 2012 and will continue to grow. This reflects the increasing demand across the board for a strong, lightweight material that is fully recyclable and able to contribute to a genuine circular economy.

At the same time, the industry is continuously seeking ways to use limited resources more effectively while reducing energy consumption, emissions and waste. An aluminium plant is also increasingly a better, safer and more desirable place to work, even though further progress is required.

Moving in the right direction

The 2015 state of play paints a balanced picture of an industry moving in the right direction. No revolution, but clear and constant progress in pursuit of our goals. Our commitment to the Sustainability Roadmap 2025 will keep us on track.

We also believe that once EU policymakers address legislative uncertainties linked to European manufacturing, we can accelerate our progress.