From a plan to reality: making the Circular Economy happen


On April 21st, our event on the Circular Economy took place in the Thon Hotel EU. Thank you all for making it a success. It was a pleasure to witness such lively and diverse debate. 

The new circular economy holds the promise that Europe will reach its full recycling potential and its core environmental and sustainability objectives. European Aluminium decided to invite top decision makers, thought leaders and stakeholders to have a fundamental debate about how we can make it happen. 

Panellists and audience were invited to debate around two angles: the Circular Economy in real life & how to make the Circular Economy proposal fit for purpose? 

Re-live the highlights of the day on Twitter (@EU_Aluminium) or using #GoCircular.


"You are an important patner in making the circular economy a reality. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and it doesn't lose any properties during the recycling process". Mr Karmenu Vella, European Commissionner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries during his opening speech. 

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Why the Circular Economy matters

During our event, we featured a 2-minutes animation made in collaboration with Eurométaux. Find out more about why it matters and why we need policy-makers' help to prevent metals from being landfilled, incinerated, or exported outside of Europe.

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