Building products EPD programme according to EN15804

Since 2006, European Aluminium runs a programme for the environmental declaration of building products (EPD) where aluminium plays a significant role, e.g. aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, composite panels, cladding or roofing.

This EPD programme follows the specification of ISO14025 and requires then programme rules and Product Category Rules (PCR)

In 2013, European Aluminium updated its EPD programme rules and Products Category Rules (PCR) in order to be aligned with the requirements of the European standards EN 15804 “Sustainability of construction works. Environmental product declarations. Core rules for the product category of construction products”. As required by ISO14025, this update has been reviewed by an external review panel.

The updated programme rules define precisely the organisation and the functioning of the PCR review panel. In addition, the procedure for verifying an EPD software (instead of fixed EPD profiles) is also defined.

The updated Product Category Rules have been aligned to the EN15804 requirements. Additional rules mainly address:

  • The procedure related to the verification of an EPD software (instead of a static EPD);
  • The provision of consolidated EPDs developed in the frame of a building project, i.e. EPD calculated for a set of building products and not for a single building product;
  • The compulsory provision of scenario and data for the end of life stage, including the additional benefits of end of life recycling as reported in the so-called “Module D”.

Finally, the review statement reports the details of the reviewing procedure of the product category rules performed by the external review panel.

The various EPDs developed under the updated European Aluminium EPD program are the following:

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