9 JUNE 2017

2017 Safety Solutions Competition attracts record number of entries

This week’s Safety Workshop in Brussels confirmed European aluminium industry’s commitment to keeping its employees safe. Over 60 participants attended the workshop held in Brussels on 7-8 June. The open and lively two-day exchange culminated in the results of the 2017 Safety Solutions Competition. Our members submitted a record number of applications – 75 – to European Aluminium’s contest to recognise innovative solutions.

The 2017 Safety Solutions Competition winners are:

  • 1st place: Kubal (primary): solution aimed at preventing squeezing of fingers in case of equipment malfunctioning. Read more here
  • 2nd place: Rio Tinto (primary): solution aimed at preventing collisions between mobile equipment and pedestrians. Read more here
  • 3rd place (tied):
    • Hydro (rolling): solution providing optical, acoustical and vibration signals to prevent collisions of mobile equipment. Read more here
    • Sapa (extrusion): solution aimed at increasing safety when working at heights. Read more here
    • Constellium (plates): solution aimed at protecting operator’s hand when manual work is needed. Read more here

Safety is a top priority for the aluminium industry. The workshop sessions covered a variety of important topics, but the discussions led to two crucial conclusions: involve top management and engage employees on an emotional level.

Gerd Götz, Director General of European Aluminium said: “Only a safe operation is a well-run operation. Good solutions for safety do not always imply huge investments. Learning from others, as we do through the Safety Solutions Competition, comes to a quite moderate price, but the impact can be gigantic. Performance starts with safety, and that’s why our industry wants everybody to return home safely at the end of each and every day.”

The European aluminium industry is committed to safety. In the Sustainability Roadmap to 2025, the industry set a goal to reach and sustain zero fatalities and reduce Total Recordable Incident (TRIs) by 50% by 2025. The data shows a consistent trend towards safer workplaces since 1997. The recent Sustainability Highlights 2015 shows that progress has been made but there is still room to improve.

All 75 entries will be made publically available to ensure the sharing of best practices both within the industry and beyond. The Safety Solutions Competition takes place every two years during the Safety Workshop. European Aluminium’s Safety Task Force coordinates ongoing  activities related to safety. 



Download the 75 Safety Solutions Submissions


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