How to become a member

Membership of European Aluminium is open to two different types of bodies located within the European Union, Turkey and EFTA countries:

  • Industrial firms: primary aluminium producers; downstream manufacturers; producers of recycled aluminium.
  • National associations representing the manufacturers of rolled and extruded products.

Below, you can find further information related to membership conditions. 

Primary division membership

Direct membership of European Aluminium is mainly for primary aluminium smelters, provided they have smelters in at least one European country. These companies must also be, and remain, members* of the national aluminium association in all European countries where they have production facilities. Wire producers are also entitled to join as primary division members.

Membership fees are based of the tonnage production.

*Assuming such a national association exists, or unless the company has resigned from the national aluminium association for valid reasons

Rollers division membership

Direct membership is open to all companies provided that they have factories located in at least one European country. Some members may also be part of European Aluminium indirectly through membership of a national association.

Membership fees are based on the basis of tonnage of transformation. 

Extrusion division membership

The same terms apply as for membership of the Rollers division.

Recycling division membership

All remelters and refiners are members of the Recycling division. Fees are based on tonnage of production

Market groups membership

European Aluminium has three Market Groups that members can join. These are in addition to the standard membership:

  • Building
  • Packaging
  • Automotive and transport.

The objective of the Market groups is the broad-based promotion of aluminium in end-use markets on a non-competitive basis. This endorsement is undertaken through political and technical advocacy, media campaigns, standards monitoring and other communication platforms, including trade fairs, design competitions, educational tools and online information. Membership of Market group is voluntary and relies on a separate fee basis, approved annually or for three years by the ad-hoc boards.

Associated members

Associated membership of European Aluminium Market Groups is open to companies that import into Europe or produce aluminium components in Europe or the associations that represent them.

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