Sustainability is no longer a meaningless buzzword

It’s (rightly) becoming a must-have. Europe is leading this change with EU legislation aligning quickly. How does the European aluminium industry boost sustainability and what are the results of its commitment to a greener future? Scroll down to discover! 

Sustainability Roadmap towards 2025

The Roadmap reflects the industry’s commitment to contribute to Europe’s growth and sustainability objectives. This ambitious project sets voluntary targets in the areas of responsible production, innovative applications and socio-economic contribution, complementing existing legislative requirements.

Beyond 2025

As part of our I+ Manifesto, we call for a new EU forum to allow business leaders to determine an Industry 2050 Roadmap, in line with EU commitments under the COP21 Paris Agreement. Do you agree? Do you have a better idea? Share your thoughts now.

If you would like to find out more information on our sustainability initiatives, visit our Digital Activity Report’s Sustainability section or contact Coline Lavorel for information on sustainability and Djibril René for information on our Environmental Profile Report.