RemovAL: removing waste from the primary aluminium production

The ambition of the EU Horizon 2020 RemovAL project is to remove all waste streams from the aluminium industry, thus moving it towards a circular economy model and vastly improving its environmental performance. The project addresses technological barriers by combining and advancing existing technologies for the sustainable processing of bauxite residue, spent pot linings and other by-products from the primary aluminium production. 

The RemovAL project will combine, optimise and scale-up developed processing technologies for extracting base and critical metals from such industrial residues and valorising the remaining processing residues as inputs for other products such as soil stabilizers, construction products or mineral wool.

RemovAL will also develop 6 innovative pilot plants across Europe, forming a network of technological nodes and enabling optimum processing flow sheets for valorising the residues. The validation will be done for 3 European alumina producers (representing 44% of the European alumina production) and one legacy site.

The RemovAL project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  under grant agreement No 776469

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