Industrialising energy-efficient electrolysis production technology

Hydro is currently developing a pilot plant using groundbreaking new electrolysis production technology that can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to existing production technologies.The pilot plant, which is currently under development, is planned to have a capacity of 75,000 tons of primary aluminium per year, and could begin production in 2017. The plant has the potential of becoming the world’s most energy-efficient aluminium production line. On world average, production of aluminium consumes 14 MWh/ton aluminium. With the pilot plant at Karmøy, Hydro aims to reduce consumption to below 12.3 MWh/ton = 12% electricity savings.

For a normal plant at 450.000 tons, the energy savings are up to 750 GWh = more than 15% of the annual electricity consumption in Brussels. In addition, some cells will contain novel technology elements that have the potential to bring energy consumption below 12 kWh/kg.

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