New high-quality forging material

Forged aluminium is ideal when a component requires both performance and safety, as well as lightweight for energy efficiency.

More car manufacturers use closed die forging to produce parts, for example, in wheel suspensions. Traditionally, the material used for forging has been either extruded or scalped after billet casting to ensure that the surface has sufficient quality. With the new low-pressure casting (LPC) technology, Hydro provides a new high-quality forge stock. The main benefit from the LPC technology is a low metal pressure towards the mold wall. This limits the friction, giving a very smooth surface and a lean segregation zone (ISZ). As a result, there is no need for further process steps like scalping, extrusion, or machining. This new forging material, called HyForge™, can thus be used directly in the forging or impact extrusion process, hence costs and time can be saved and quality is improved.

HyForge™ holds a warranted low carbon footprint according to the Hydro REDUXA 4.0 low-carbon certificate.

The first prototype of forging ingots has been delivered to different customers for testing and inspection in Europe and the US. The serial production is foreseen for Q3/2020.

Hydro 1.jpg
Hydro 2.jpg