Empowering Aluminium and Consumers- Radical Transparency in Sustainability Powered by Digital Agility

START responsible aluminium is Sustainability, Traceability and Assurance from Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto worked hard to leave a lasting positive legacy in all markets they supply. START will provide the customers with transparent and traceable information regarding the sustainable nature of the aluminum products such that they can make better-informed decisions about the materials they use for the parts and products they sell. It is a new ambition for Responsible Aluminium and is built on a digital Blockchain model. START continues to build on existing eco-systems for assurance like ICMM, ASI etc. The dynamic and evolving metrics reflect Rio Tinto’s climate change based targets in 2030 and 2050. A better-informed value chain advocates for aluminium in a more informed manner. A faster-informed value chain makes the decisions faster to ensure aluminium becomes the material of choice for end-users.

Climate Change is a global challenge that will require action across nations, industries, and societies. Rio Tinto is committed to working with partners across the aluminum value chain to deliver this new ambition for responsible aluminium. START responsible aluminium provides transparency, traceability, and provenance through a digital blockchain solution. It is the most sustainable offering yet across all Rio Tinto aluminium products. Through START, Rio Tinto aspires to continually improve and refine their guidance overtime to meet not just the expectations of the market today but those in the future. START is the ambition to empower a more sustainable future for the aluminium industry. The technology providers are long-time partners and solution providers to Rio Tinto. Their main partnership is with their end-users and customers who provide information regarding the need for consumers to have ESG credentials in their hands faster and in a transparent manner.

START will continuously evolve based on feedback provided by the customers and end-users. Rio Tinto's partners in the supply chain are key to helping empower a more sustainable future.

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