Digitalisation: tracking properties along the coil

Essentially, the concept is to enable product data to be tracked, regardless of the form in which the semi-finished products are delivered. For such purpose, AMAG developed a Coil Length Marking Scheme, named coilDNA, mainly for sheet material, which allows for exact, biunique positioning definition of a specific blank within a coil, even if the blank is removed from the coil. This is achieved by printing a division-invariant code on the product which allows the original to be reconstructed from each part, similar to human DNA. The continuous string on the coil can carry additional information such as producer, date, alloy, quality information in a tamper-proof way, similar to the blockchain approach. This tracking system helps to track products and product data along the whole production process.

CoilDNA is established as a start-up company for the commercialization of the concept. AMAG will be the lead customer and prime development partner together with suppliers of printers and inks as well as software developers.

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