Demonstration of use of electric boiler at alumina refinery

Aughinish Alumina Ltd will coordinate the AAL SEB project, which aims to partially decarbonise high-pressure steam produced on the refinery premises (Ireland) by substituting existing gas-fired boilers with an electric boiler powered during peak renewable production. This is the first application of such a high-pressure electric boiler within an energy-intensive industry. It will enable the use of renewable electricity that would otherwise be constrained or curtailed. The 25 MW high-pressure electric boiler will replace close to 10% of the current demand for steam at the site and avoid 5% of GHG emissions compared to conventional technology. The electric boiler will operate during times of high renewable, reduce the need for wind generation curtailment,  and offer demand response services to the grid operator. The project is co-funded by the European Union EU ETS Small Scale Innovation Fund and would not have been possible without their support. While low-pressure electric boilers have been in service for many decades, this innovative high-pressure boiler has been developed by Parat (Norway), a leading supplier of steam and heat solutions worldwide.

Aughinish Alumina Aerial Photo of Plant.jpg