Climatic windows for improved energy efficiency


This patented solution, developed by Hydro, is based on the thermoelectric “Peltier effect” and can turn any window into a heat pump. Integrated into the fixed frame, the system heats up a room to replace a radiator and can also cool down for summer comfort, reducing a building’s energy consumption.

Hydro partnered with DBK and ETL, referent companies in thermodynamic systems, to optimise and industrialise the concept. The company also collaborated with Netatmo, a specialist in connected devices, for the control and the intelligent heating/cooling regulation system of the climatic window.

An industrial prototype will be presented during the 2019 Batimat building and construction trade show. Since the first prototype, the performance of the window system has improved and new functionalities have been added: connectivity, silent mode for use in the bedroom and air treatment in case of poor air quality with either filtration of inner air or renewal with fresh air from outside.

After realisation of the industrial prototype, the climatic window is expected to be ready for marketing at the end of 2020.